Giving Circles are a new model of political empowerment.  We handle the research, the logistics and the daily work. The engine and the heart for change comes from you. Become a difference-maker today.


Community. Giving Circles are made up of your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

Choice. You choose which state to target.

Education. You learn about the power of state legislatures, and how they shape everything from healthcare to clean water to civil rights.

Transparency. We account for every dollar through the election cycle, sharing insights, strategy, and research along the way.

Follow-through. Post-election, we keep you informed about your state and the new vision being enacted there.

Inspiration. Every Giving Circle gets a personalized campaign page where you can share your story, track your progress and inspire supporters.


“I like to think of Giving Circles as learning circles. Members are becoming more aware of how government works and embarking upon a new level of civic engagement.” —Melissa W.

“Being an active member of our Giving Circle has made me feel that I’m actually doing something concrete, essential and achievable to save our democracy.”  —Mauri S.

“When I heard about a new organization seeking to address the crisis facing our country strategically, I was beyond intrigued. After our first meeting, I could see a comprehensive path towards our nation’s renewal. I told them I was all in.” —Amy R.

“The best part is that with the information Future Now Fund vets for us about winnable and flippable elections, and with our own thinking and studying hats on, our group is really able to pick the state we want to support.” —Gia G.

How do I start?

Contact us to start a Giving Circle or request a private consultation with our Giving Circle team. 

I’ve never been good at asking for money. Is this the right thing for me?

Many of our Giving Circle members are new to soliciting contributions. Our members tell us that rather than seeing it as asking people for money, they are appealing to their friends and family to support and join a cause that really matters — and they are offering those people a concrete way to help.

How does a Giving Circle work?

A Giving Circle needs a Leader or a Leadership Team who engages with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. The Leadership reach out to their networks and these networks join forces to create change. 

How big should my Giving Circle be?

There is no perfect Giving Circle size. Giving Circles can be as small as 5 people or as big as 500!

How does Future Now Fund work with Giving Circles?

Future Now Fund provides tools, expertise and support. We identify competitive state legislature chambers and find the most impactful ways to spend Giving Circle funds in a selected state. At every step, we make it easy to raise funds, track progress and spend to have the biggest impact. And our team is always on call to help you succeed!

Where does the money raised by Giving Circles to Future Now Fund go?

Each Giving Circle chooses the state its dollars will impact. Future Now Fund provides details about the state, the districts, and each Giving Circle’s overall impact!

How much money should I raise? 

Giving Circles have raised from $2,500 to $250,000. Future Now Fund can work with you to determine a goal that feels right for you and your Giving Circle.



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