Future Now Endorsements

Future Now Fund is committed to electing the next generation of American leaders, starting with state legislators. In 2017, 9 of our 10 endorsed candidates -- all challengers -- won their election. They support America's Goals and are poised to make a big impact in Virginia and across the nation—now and in the future.

Next stop: more states in 2018.


2018 Candidates

Christine Marsh AZ Senate, District 28. Arizona's 2016 Teacher of the Year has taught more than 3,500 students over 25 years and is ready to make sure her state finally invests in kids. 

sharon girard portrait square.png

Sharon Girard AZ Senate, District 8. A lifelong advocate for women’s reproductive freedom who volunteers at a free medical clinic and mentors high school students.

Natali Bock portrait square.jpg

Natali Fierros Bock AZ Senate, District 8. A public school educator and community organizer, Natali was inspired to run to model citizenship and character for her young daughters.

Berta Griffin Portrait Square.png

Berta Griffin MI House, District 61. A single mom, educator and small business owner who has devoted herself to improving the health and wellbeing of those in her community, especially kids.

Matty K.png

Matt Koleszar MI House, District 20. A public school teacher and coach whose passion for education took root at a young age, inspired by his single mom and tenth grade history teacher.

Padma Kuppa Portrait Square.png

Padma Kuppa MI House, District 41. An Indian-American immigrant who is running to make sure her community stays true to the spirit and values it embodied when she first arrived 20 years ago.


Jenn Alford-Teaster NH Senate, District 8. A New Hampshire native, academic researcher and first-time candidate whose politics have been shaped by her rise from childhood poverty, living on food stamps, to a career at Dartmouth College.

Sherman Portrait Square.png

Tom Sherman NH Senate, District 24. A beloved physician, public health advocate and former State Representative who worked tirelessly to get legislation directly addressing the opioid crisis to the governor’s desk and into law.

Donovan Portrait square.png

Mason Donovan NH Senate, District 7. An entrepreneur, best-selling author and community leader who could be the third openly LGBTQ member in the history of the New Hampshire State Senate.                               

Levesque Portrait Square.png

Melanie Levesque NH Senate, District 12. A small business owner, former State Representative and women's rights advocate who would be the first African American elected to the New Hampshire State Senate.


2017 Candidates


Jennifer Carroll Foy VA House, District 2. A public defender who graduated from Virginia Military Institute and has been a foster mom.

FN_Web_Candidates_Badge_9 (1).jpg

Elizabeth Guzman VA House, District 31. A social worker in public service, who could be the first Latina elected to the Virginia House.


Chris Hurst VA House, District 12. A news anchor inspired to public service in memory of his live-in girlfriend Alison Parker, who was murdered on the air.

FN_Web_Candidates_Badge_17 (2).jpg

Kathy Tran VA House, District 42. This first time candidate is a parent-teacher organization leader who fled Vietnam with her parents and has been an advocate for equality.


David Reid VA House, District 32. A small business owner who was first in his family to graduate college and served for 23 years in the Navy Reserve.


Donte Tanner VA House, District 40. An Air Force veteran and small business owner, raised by two police officers with a focus on service.


Schuyler VanValkenburg VA House, District 72. A public school teacher who coaches the high school constitution team, running to continue a career of public service.


Cheryl Turpin VA House, District 85. A Girl Scouts troop leader and public school science teacher who was nominated teacher of the year.


Karrie Delaney VA House, District 67. A member of the Library Board and the Citizen Corps for emergency preparedness, she has been a leader in the community.


Hala Ayala VA House, District 51. A cybersecurity expert, who served on Governor McAuliffe’s women’s council and could be the first Latina elected to the Virginia House.


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